Qype. Ellycem. Edinburgh

An absolute gem! Curiosity drove me in, but you could tell the place was well known as it was bustling. It's a deli but it does soups, sandwiches and more. I was a little dismayed at the prices of some of the bottled/packaged products, but seeing as it is a specialty store it really isn't out of the ordinary. I thought the deli selection was very well priced though. The staff was also very friendly and efficient. I hope to still frequent this shop even though I'm moving to the other side of town!

Qype. Crowinthesnow. Edinburgh

I've came here a few times on a slightly hungover Saturday morning and the paninis are great for that post booze - cheese craving. It has a great vibe inside with a few seats for you to relax with some nice music on and a selection of papers to read -all good touches. The best thing is the family who run the place. They are funny, flirty and most importantly, just plain happy which is infectious. I can't really think of anywhere that's similar in size and service that tops it on Leith Walk or even Leith.

Qype. Fanackapan. Edinburgh

Its an authentic piece of Sicily on the middle of Leith Walk their cappucinos are the best I have tasted and so is their hot chocolate all their food is made with the finest imported Italian ingredients so I would recommend anything that takes your fancy. Its family run and the service is always warm and friendly.

Qype. Matcheff. Edinburgh

Gaia is a little authentic Italian Deli. It's quite small but friendly and within ten minutes of opening its full! They have seats out front as well which are usually occupied in summer. Like most delis it has a great selection of cheeses, breads, pastas olives and cured meats at the counter. But it also does tasty pastries, breakfasts and some really interesting combinations of paninis.  A deli with real Italian heart, I felt like I was in Pisa not Leith walk.The staff are really friendly and the coffee is boiling hot which is what I'm always looking for and the prices are really quite good which is ace.  Its also got a bit of a family atmosphere going in there and a lot of the customers seem to know each other.Great coffee and the cake wasn't bad either!

Gillian. L. Edinburgh

Gaia is just round the corner from me - so I walk past it all the time and have never gone in. I thought it was just another sandwich/ coffee place, and probably a bit hippy-dippy, given the name.  Today I found myself hanging about on Leith Walk, having to wait for a shop to open, so I popped in here for coffee - and what a revelation! Shelves of Italian produce, a huge range of properly-Italian-looking meats and cheese, and a fridge with fabulous pre-made sandwiches and salads. Wow. And they were playing Italian music with lyrics simple enough for even me to understand, so I sat and felt all continental as I drank my coffee. Bellisimo!

Neal. W. Edinburgh

With possibly the most ludicrously comfortable seats in Edinburgh (I mean that), Gaia is a nice little Italian deli/coffee shop on Leith Walk. Actually, it's better than nice. It's really really good.The counter had the front has a great selection of cured Italian meats - prosciutto, bresaola, parma ham, salami to name a few. They've also got the usual cheese suspects - gorgonzola, dolcelatte, mozzarella and so forth. And a selection of mouth-watering cakey treats. What I really liked (besides the unbelievably comfy seats) was the little salads in the fridge. They were more interesting that your bog standard tuna and sweet corn drowned in mayonnaise. Herby leaves, cured meats, fresh cheese drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And not expensive either (about £3). Coffee was nothing to write home about (not bad, but not amazing), but I was so blissfully relaxed in those seats I didn't care.

Stuart. B. Edinburgh

Proper Deli's are hard to find in Edinburgh, most are just the same cold cuts you can get in any supermarket, cheaply seasoned and pre-cut into slices thinner than your hair. Not here.What a rare question, I almost had a stroke when I was asked."How much of a slice would you like?" Judging by first glance at the meat selection, a hell of a lot. I took home the thickest chunk of Salami I've ever seen and some unknown polish sausage I was recommended. Both cuts came to about £5, but trust me it's worth it. They also had a great selection cheese as well, try the Provolone when you visit!

Linsey. F. L.A. California USA

Authentic Italian cappucinos, always from a friendly face. Great spot to pop in for your coffee if you live on/along Leith Walk.

Stephanie. T. North Lanarkshire

This Italian deli and coffee shop is the answer to my Yelping prayers, because wandering around the streets alone scouting out awesome places to go can be hungry work. And if you're anything like me, you like to go somewhere inconspicuous because its a bit embarrassing to sit alone. Nae pals, as they say.Serving coffees, pastries, wraps, paninis and pastas, the selection of lunches here are great, and the seating is cosy, and intimate, making it the perfect place for lunch for one. I had a lovely creamy coffee with a tuna melt panini, not very Italian but I just said the first thing that came to mind, and I'm glad I did. It was delicious. It also has a lovely deli counter at the back, and the smells are enough to entice you in for some cheesy or meaty goodness. A definite highlight in Leith!

David. L. Hove

I love Italian delis. This is a good one. Beware the chilli paste in the panini - oof!