All items on our menu are available either to eat sitting in or taking away

Freshly Made Paninis

Toasted with oil and lemon or a sauce of your choice
Primavera Mozzarella, Tomato, Olive Oil, Oregano, Basil 3.90
Classico Roasted Ham, Mozzarella, Tomato 3.90
Crudo Parma Ham, Mozzarella, Tomato 3.90
Foresta Nera Smoked Ham, Emmenthal 3.90
Cartoccio Roasted Ham, Mixed Cheeses 4.30
Quattro Formaggi Emmenthal, Smoked Cheese, Gorgonzola, Mascarpone 4.30
Arcobaleno Parma Ham, Tuna,Emmenthal, Tomato 4.30
Diavola Bacon, Spicy Salami, Mozzarella, Smoked Frankfurter 4.30
Pizzailo Porchetta, Salami, Emmenthal, Mozzarella 4.30
Topolino Roasted Ham, Mozzarella, Smoked Frankfurter 4.30
Gaia Smoked Ham, Smoked Cheese, Mozzarella, Grilled Aubergine 4.30
Bresaola Cured Beef Fillet, Olive Oil, Lemon, Black Pepper 4.30
Salmone Smoked Salmon, Olive Oil, Lemon, Black Pepper 4.30
Jamaicano Pancetta, Coppata, Provola Piccante, Spicy Salami 4.30

Why not take a chance and create your own filling

from our selection of quality meats and cheeses?

Choice of sauces - Mayonnaise, Tomato, Spicy, Marie Rose, Tabasco Mustard
Sides Small Salad 0.80
Each additional topping from 0.80

Piatti Freddi - Cold Dishes

Formaggi Misti Con Frutta A selection of cheese with fresh fruit 6.50
Bresaola Slices of traditionally cured beef fillet served with rocket salad and
seasoned with lemon juice, black pepper and olive oil.
Salmone Smoked Salmon served with fresh salad leaves 6.50
Salumi Vari A selection of sliced cured Italian meats, Prosciutto and Salami 6.50

Hot Drinks

Medio Grande
Espresso Strong shot of Italian coffee 1.50 1.75
Macchiato Espresso with a dash of milk 1.50 1.75
Caffelatte Creamy, milky coffee 2.20 2.50
Cappuccino Coffee with froth milk 2.20 2.50
Americano Filter coffee, served black or white 1.80 2.10
Flat White Double shot with steamed milk 2.40 2.70
Mochaccino Hot Chocolate with coffee and froth milk 2.40 2.70
All coffee available decaff, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk. Flavoured syrups - hazelnut,
Armaretto, Vanilla, Caramel
Hot Chocolate 2.40 2.70
Selection of Teas 1.60

Antipasti - Snacks

A selection of olives with bread 3.90
Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar 3.90
Mixed Bruschetta - 3 pieces 4.50

Why not make up your own plate of antipasti as a snack?

Pasta Dishes - check our Daily Specials

All freshly prepared to traditional Italian recipes 5.20

Soup Of the Day - check our Daily Specials

Served with toasted bread 2.95


All served with mixed leaves, olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh mozzarella
Vegetarina - Roasted Vegetables 6.50
Marinara - Anchovies, Tuna 6.50
Insalata Di Salmone - Smoked Salmon 6.50
Mediterranea - Cured Beef Fillet 6.50